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for people ages 2 1/2-6

Where community is encouraged, individualism is valued,and children are treated with love dignity and respect.

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BellaVita uses an emergent, play-based and reflective Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. We offer our children the freedom to express their interests and use them as vehicles for learning and planning. In addition, we emphasize our connection to the earth and our individual culture and values. The result is a flexible environment that meets the needs of our community. All of our children, teachers, parents, community members contribute to the richness and variety of the curriculum texture each year.

BellaVita respects all people as individuals, with unique ways of learning.

Using the benchmarks of early childhood development, pre-planned activities are designed to build on the strengths of existing skills to master new, more complex skills and in turn, the responsibility, and self-esteem of the learner.

Activities are also designed to boost social skills and foster friendships.


Successful social interaction is a life skill that will serve children well as they enter bigger schools. Interacting positively with others, while maintaining high self-esteem, is an extremely important skill. Part of our job is to help instill this as much as possible. Simple activities such as walking to the park together can be a great social learning experience for children. They are encouraged to look out for one another (everyone has a buddy), take turns (everybody gets to jump over that mossy rock), follow directions (turn right when we get to the end of this sidewalk), learn about traffic and how people in cars follow signs and rules to stay safe, and so on.


 The world is our classroom and love is the lesson!