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for people ages 21/2-6

Where community is encouraged, individualism is valued,and children are treated with love dignity and respect.

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Schedule and Tuition

Happy, healthy teachers cultivate happy, healthy kids. High quality care is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s life as it directly affects their well-being, sense of security, and love of learning. A nurturing preschool environment sets a good tone for future learning and social environments.



BellaVita is officially open Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-4:00PM. We offer part-time (less than 5 days) and full-time (M-F) contracted spots. At times we offer aftercare from 4PM-5PM on an as needed basis.

We roughly follow the schedule of the St. Vrain Valley School District (see calendar) and we offer summer camp.

Rates at a glance
(Rates are subject to change annually)


All monthly tuition rates (excluding full-time) are calculated by multiplying the days per week enrolled with 4.2 weeks per month. Tuition includes high quality qualified staff, low child to student ratios, art, music, science and dance classes, organic lunches and snacks. Siblings will be given a 20% discount (excluding summer camp) to promote families staying together.

Full-time Monthly Tuition
Full-time (5 days per week 8-4PM) $1045.00
4 days per week $948.00
3 days per week $711.00
2 days per week $474.00


Half-Time (Includes organic snack and lunch and all classes) Monthly Tuition
Half-time (5 days per week 8-12:30 PM) $829.00
4 days per week $700.00
3 days per week $525.00
2 days per week $350.00



Please call for availability. Thanks! 303-772-3228