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for people ages 21/2-6

Where community is encouraged, individualism is valued,and children are treated with love dignity and respect.

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Our Garden Project!

We have some exciting news!  This spring we are going to build a giant garden capable of producing 5% of our food for the year.  Our garden will be a community project.  Parents, kids, teachers, and friends will be working, learning and producing together. Growing our own produce is the way we see to have the biggest, most positive impact on our environment.  We will be educating each other and our children about where our food comes from, how it grows, and how to take care of the earth.  Providing your children with healthy nutritious meals and snacks is as always a priority.

Have I mentioned that this project is going to be lots of fun?  

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list of upcoming events, volunteer or make a donation plase contact us at:



Our first volunteer day, March 22nd, was a giant sucess. We had a grand total of 17 volunteers. Our volunteers worked a total of 62 hours!

In one day we turned our brick hard rocky soil into a giant (tilled) garden, mixed in 4 1/2 tons of compost, built four raised beds, dug out separate beds for our greens (and planted them), stawberries and herbs, and laid down a path.


Earth Day!




We planted carrot seeds and two Apple Trees for Earth Day!